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new blog design, darkspore enters beta

While I liked the old design, I'm sure I wasn't alone in getting a bit tired of reading the gray font on gray background. This is still just a stock WordPress theme but it combines a lovely font (Vera) with high contrast text and some solid design choices, so it was an easy switch.

Darkspore is currently in beta testing and we're in the oft-maligned crunch period of the project as we try to get everything finished up for launch. In this case, though, the extra hours aren't mandatory in any way, but the team is putting them in because we want the game to be as good as it can be. The posts on the private beta forums from players enjoying the game have been more than enough fuel to keep us going.

Rest assured that I have a large queue of topics to write about at this point so when I find a pocket of time there will be updates aplenty.

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