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on the spot interview and darkspore launch

Two quick updates:

1. I appeared on Gamespot's live video show, On the Spot (32:57 - 47:35), the other day to talk about Darkspore. Usually when doing video in the past I've had the luxury of re-shooting if anything goes wrong, but here the combination of 4 large video cameras plus a plethora of other equipment, a huge green screen, and the knowledge that some large number of internet denizens were watching my every word was quite intimidating. Still, I think it turned out well enough.

2. Darkspore launches on Tuesday! I feel like a proud father whose baby is about to get assessed by a group of stern looking judges immediately after birth (probably how pretty much everyone feels when launching a digital game, but working at Wizards didn't give me a whole lot of experience on that front). Waiting for reviews to start popping up on Metacritic is agonizing but I'm confident the game will put up a good showing. Can't complain about starting out with an 85.

I'll be staying on the Darkspore team to keep improving the game after launch, so I'll be reading any and all feedback eagerly. Hope you all enjoy it!

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